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Giuliet françoismarie's philosophy was born from spiritual awakening that she experienced during her artistic career. Two interconnected ways as it happens between the soul and body, between man and Universe, between Heaven and Earth, flower’s color and vibrations of our body. From this deep vision INTERESSERE was born, the name of her "soul wraps". It is the Vietnamese monk Thic Nhat Hanh who coined this name for the first time, becoming a spiritual guide and source of inspiration. In fact, according to the monk, cause and effect are no longer perceived in a linear sense but as a two-dimensional network in a system of infinite networks interconnected in all directions. Not only the organs contain existence of the other organs, but each cell contains all the other cells. One is present in the whole, and the whole present in one. Giuliet françoismarie defines that we are cells connected in a single organism (the Universe) and that even a garment is nothing more than a cell connected with our soul and that of cosmos.

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